We wish to live healthy, open and free.

We hope to live a friendly life, for ourselves, for the people around us, and for our planet.

·  Growing our own food, eating pure.

·  Breathing fresh air.

·  Drinking pure mountain water.

·  Communicating honest and open.

·  Trusting in life ≈ We make plans, but we enjoy the ride to where life is taking us.

·  We do our best, we stumble and fall, we forgive, we are human : )

· We live with the cycles of nature. With the sun, the moon, the seasons and our own cycles.

· We reduce what we buy, we reuse what we have and recycle what we can.

· We want to create balance in our live, between work, play and contemplation.

· On our land there will always be space and time to connect to nature, each other, and ourselves. There is room for silence, meditation and ritual. We believe everything around us has a spirit and consciously connecting to those, gives our life direction and happiness.